About Us

Scotty’s Hydraulic Service was established in 1957 by Scott J. Hollett Sr. The business started in the basement of his home and was primarily aimed at the service and repair of hydraulic bottle and floor jacks and porto-power equipment. By the 1960’s the business had grown and had to be moved into the garage. Scotty employed his young sons after school and on weekends as mechanics. A garage across the street was acquired as a holding area because work was coming in faster than it could be repaired. The sons grew up and became full time employees. The business continued to grow and a building at 1204 North Center Street was purchased and the business was moved. By this time the business was also repairing battery chargers, engine analyzers, tire changers, air tools and a variety of other equipment used by the automotive service industries. Distributorships were acquired and sales of new equipment and accessories became an integral part of the business.

Scotty’s added the repair of pumps, valves and cylinders used in industrial applications and on mobile equipment. The repair of hydraulic equipment used in foundries, rolling mills, manufacturing facilities and agriculture was growing rapidly. Mobile equipment repair included repairs to cylinder, pumps, valves, hoses and other components used on equipment operated by power companies, railroads, farmers, and contractors. Meanwhile the import jack market was quickly eroding the economic repair of hand and floor jacks and was becoming a smaller part of the business. Tire changers and tools, battery chargers and other lines were being replaced by the growing need for expansion of the cylinder, pump and valve portions of the business. By the late 1970’s the business had again outgrown its facilities and plans for a new building were formulated.

Scotty's Hydraulic Service Today

In 1980 Scotty’s moved into its present facility at 1200 Markley Drive. This move was to the industrial park with quick access to US30 and US31. The new plant has 5 truck bays, increased machine shop area, parts department, material storage and work areas. One truck bay was converted to a storage area for chrome plated bar stock, aluminum and cast iron bars, and honed tubing for use in the manufacture of components for cylinders being rebuilt. Two bays have in-ground lifts for mobile equipment and the entire truck shop is served by a 6 ton overhead crane.